David Urbinati

WAVE.S FULL-LENGTH ALBUM // OUT NOW (Spotify, Apple Music)


Overtake Me by David Urbinati from WAVE.S full-length album OUT NOW on all listening platforms (Spotify, Apple Music).
Artist: David Urbinati
Directed by: Angel Safaddid
Production Company: Datzi Media

Waves is a term I use often to describe what happens with my emotions. I’ll say I’m going through a wave. A peak and valley of feelings. Periodic. Temporary. When I go through a wave I generally never want that to happen again. But often it does. They’re often in sequence. They're often in WAVE.S.

In 2017, I set out to express myself through musical journaling. The goal was to keep songs relatively simple in structure and find phrases and lyrics that were mostly at the tip of my tongue—hopefully revealing what I was freshly experiencing. The writing process for each of these songs was short. A couple of days usually. They had to come together quickly or the wave would pass and the song would fade away.

I am releasing this solo album as David Urbinati because these songs represent the most authentic me both musically and lyrically. I delved into the world of analog synths and explored their unique sounds in the process. I wrote these songs from my bedroom studio when the inspiration or need for release struck.

2017 was a year of some huge insight, learning, and growth in my own story. Seeing parts of my life in ways I had not seen before. Both painful and life giving. Higher highs and low lows. I began regular counseling sessions as a way to process what was coming up. The relationships and community I’ve had through this time has given me the space to see where I am and be loved there.

In the midst of that I journaled with sound. Exploring soundscapes and textures electronic instruments can make. I find it fascinating to take electricity created by power plants on the grid and generate simple waveforms that are manipulated into synthesized sound. Learning about voicing and arrangement I mixed this with the acoustic instruments I grew up playing—namely violin and mandolin—and my vocals. When I first began writing music I made a lot of instrumental music not confident or sure about my voice or what I had to say. The more I write the more I'm learning to find my voice and I am very excited to share this with you all. I hope these songs resonate with you as they do with me.

Overtake Me music video // OUT NOW

WAVE.S full-length album // OUT NOW (Spotify, Apple Music)