Pronounced [per-i-jee]

The second album release as Perigee. This time adding Travis Lambert to the band. These songs are definitely a little more inspired by synthwave and have lots of warm analog synths. Also, words! I had stuff to say this time. Stories to tell. Pain to process. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, or anywhere else music is heard.

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My first project with Perigee was a self-titled solo electronic album and a single released later as a response to the album.

This song is a response to the Perigee self-titled; an eleventh track, if you will.

This is a concept album. It's a musical journey of breaking orbit and finding direction. Written and Produced by David Urbinati.

Available on SpotifyApple Music, or anywhere else music is heard.

Charade (Exploring the Surface) feat. Julie Thurman

Searching (Memoirs of a New Discovery)