A little backstory on this. We weren't sticking to any particular style/genre. I wanted to do a creative daily project and was expressing that to my friend, Taylor Smythe, who mentioned this idea of doing a song each day for the twelve days of Christmas. We both had the time to commit to it and decided to give it a shot. It was a lot of fun to write, record, and “produce” something like this from scratch. Our constraints were that we were not allowed to use any previous material we’ve written and must complete the song in a day’s time without going back the next day and fixing anything. Taylor wrote the lyrics and melodies and I wrote the music. We spent about an average of four hours on each song from start to finish. Our tools were limited so we’re just trying to be creative with what we had!

For those who are interested in gear I used an Apogee Duet interface into a macbook pro from 2012 (which according to Taylor had never been updated—yikes) so we had all the glories of out of the box, unexpanded Garageband. We used just one Rode NTK mic in his open living room for that super authentic room sound. That’s how I recorded the acoustic instruments and vocals. We monitored through headphones and that’s about it. I didn’t have access to my usual setup for this project (Logic, plugins, studio monitors, etc.). It was easier to set up all the instruments at Taylor’s place and thought it would add to the challenge to be using such limited gear. We were hoping the roughness added to the authenticity of how we were doing it too. You guys might be able to relate to what happens when you limit your toolset. Sometimes you find yourself more creative because you’re not inhibited by options. Also when you make something fast, the inhibitions seems lower so creativity seems to come faster. It’s a very interesting experience. I highly recommend daily projects as a cure for “lack of creativity."

Anyway, that was some of my process in case you would be wondering how we did this thing. Hope you guys enjoyed it!